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Group of the Three Doorways

Machu Picchu, Perú

The Group of the Three Doorways, also known as the Three-Doorway Temple, is one of the notable architectural features within the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. Located in the eastern sector of the site, it is situated near the Sacred Plaza and is part of the Urban Sector of Machu Picchu.

As the name suggests, the Group of the Three Doorways consists of three doorways or openings, arranged in a row, within a single structure. These doorways are finely crafted and exhibit the characteristic trapezoidal shape commonly seen in Inca architecture. The lintels above the doorways are made of stone and fit precisely into the surrounding stone walls.

The purpose and exact function of the Group of the Three Doorways remain subject to interpretation and speculation. However, its architectural design and location suggest that it held ceremonial or religious significance within the complex. Some theories propose that it may have been a temple or a place for important rituals or gatherings.

The Group of the Three Doorways offers visitors a glimpse into the sophisticated stone masonry techniques and architectural prowess of the Inca civilization. Its presence within the larger context of Machu Picchu adds to the site’s intrigue and allure, as visitors explore the various structures and spaces that once comprised this ancient city.

As with many aspects of Machu Picchu, the Group of the Three Doorways has captured the curiosity of archaeologists and historians, and its significance continues to be studied and researched, contributing to our understanding of the Inca civilization and their remarkable architectural achievements.

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